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Images for printing need to have a minimum resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch).
Printing process requires detailed crisp lines.

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Ready to Print Artwork​

Ready to print artwork is, artwork/logos or images that have high-resolution print output, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention. Basically, we can use your file “as submitted” to successfully print and a achieve the desired quality and look needed.

  • Instant

Redraw Basic Level​

Redraw artwork basic level is where we would need to recreate you artwork/logo or image into a high-resolution output/file. But has very low quality of detail when it comes to edges, smoothness and fine elements of the design.

  • 1 Hr Turnaround

Redraw Silver Level

Recreate your artwork/logo or image into a high-resolution output/file for printing. More detailed result, with better edges, clear and straight lines and adds a few finer details to the design/ artwork. Note: not all line and elements of details are added or perfect either.

  • 12 Hrs Turnaround

Redraw Gold Level​

Gold Level provides the best of everything. This option provides the best result when your artwork/logo or image is redrawn. High-resolution output with very clear straight lines as well as all fine details of your design. This is the best option for the best resluts.

  • 24 Hrs Turnaround