Q. 50% of people in the world over 15 years old claim to have never drunk alcohol.

A. If you said true, you were close – its actually 48%! Maybe they’ve been drinking non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits like we serve at The Boardroom Bar

Q. A cup of black coffee has only 1 calorie.

A. TRUE! Try our delicious coffee at The Boardroom Cafe which supports????

Q. Cookie Monster’s cookies on Sesame Street were baked fresh each time.

A. FALSE! They were actually painted rice cakes!

Q. More people in the world have mobile phones than toilets. 

A. TRUE! Interesting priorities

Q. The blender was created specifically to make milkshakes.

A. TRUE, and we think the milkshake is worthy of that honour! Don’t forget to try the amazing milkshakes at The Boardroom Cafe, they’re something special, mmmm!

Q. Redlands was considered as a possible capital of Queensland in the 1800s. 

A. TRUE! It was actually Cleveland which was considered as the future capital by Governor Sir George Gipps in 1942…and he had some comical comments in his diary about his meeting with our mudflats!

Q.Tea contains antioxidents that repair cells.

A. TRUE! These are called polyphenols and all types of tea has them including black tea and green tea. Order a nice cup of tea at The Boardroom

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